About the MacJannet Foundation

The MacJannet Legacy
Donald and Charlotte MacJannet were dedicated educators who spent their lives promoting international peace and goodwill. They operated the MacJannet American School outside Paris (1924-1939) and an international summer camp in the French Alps (1925-1964) that promoted cross-cultural tolerance, enlightenment and understanding. As pioneers and early champions of experiential learning, the MacJannets created extraordinary learning environments that touched thousands of lives. Through these structured educational experiences, they reinforced their ideals of working together, mutual respect, international learning and cross-cultural exchange.
In 1958, they purchased an 11th century monastery, Le Prieuré, in Talloires, France, which they renovated and then donated to Tufts University in 1978 for use as a site for cross-cultural education and exchange.

About the MacJannet Foundation:
The MacJannet Foundation was established in1968 by the MacJannets and their friends to continue their work in promoting international tolerance and cultural understanding. Since then, the Foundation’s work has continued through partnerships with worthy non-profit programs. The MacJannet Foundation Board is an international group consisting of former MacJannet friends, alumni of their programs, and/or global citizens who care passionately about the Foundation’s mission.