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Rafael Loss: Profile of a Fletcher School MacJannet Fellow

I am a transatlantic citizen.  Not only are my political beliefs deeply rooted in the idea of transatlantic cooperation, particularly between the United States and Germany, but my own story is one of transatlantic relationships.  Due to political differences with

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Talloires Painter, Suzanne Lansé – 1898–2002

        When Suzanne Lansé died on January 16th, 2002 at a nursing home in Veyrier-du-Lac, France, more than 103 years of life quietly came to a close. Her death turned out the lights on an extraordinary century

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Donald MacJannet’s Early Life Story: The Minister’s Son, on His Own

As husband and wife for 54 years, Donald and Charlotte MacJannet jointly pursued a radical educational vision that transcended national borders. But both were well into their 30s when they met and married in 1932. Two memoirs recently discovered in

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“It is up to you to find the way” – Charlotte Blensdorf MacJannet

Charlotte Blensdorf MacJannet’s recalls her formative years Editor’s note: Charlotte MacJannet was born in 1901 in Elberfeld (Wuppertal) in the German Rhineland. Her father, Otto Blensdorf (1871-1947), was an innovative music teacher, composer and gym instructor. After participating in Jacques Dalcroze’s first

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MacJannet Foundation President’s Update -2016

Hope for the future Dear MacJannet Foundation Friends and Colleagues, I write at a tumultuous time in history. From the Middle East to Europe to America, the forces of terror, fear and reaction seem to have gained the upper hand

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‘The best thing Tufts has to offer’ – 2015

Reflections of MacJannet Scholars— Tufts in Talloires, summer 2015 Editor’s note: Tufts in Talloires is a six-week summer program that offers academic courses to Tufts undergraduates— 91 last summer— at the Tufts European Center while simultaneously housing them with host

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MacJannet Foundation hosts its 2015 Annual Meeting in Talloires, France

This week the MacJannet Foundation prepares to meet in Talloires, France to review it’s 2014/15 sponsored programs and prepare to evaluate and fund it’s 2016 initiatives. This has been a very positive year for the Foundation. Our Foundation corpus has

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