Hope for the future

MacJannet Foundation President, Todd Langton

MacJannet Foundation President, Todd Langton

Dear MacJannet Foundation Friends and Colleagues,

I write at a tumultuous time in history. From the Middle East to Europe to America, the forces of terror, fear and reaction seem to have gained the upper hand against the forces of hope, reason and peace. In such a world, how can ordinary citizens make a difference?

One thing we can do is remind ourselves that those incurable optimists, Donald and Charlotte MacJannet, lived through much worse times and ultimately triumphed. How? By focusing their attention not on the gloomy present but on young people, who represent the hope of a better future. This year we celebrate the 48th anniversary of the MacJannet Foundation, the 38th anniversary of the Tufts University European Center, and the eighth anniversary of the MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship.  The Foundation’s mission is to actively promote and support global citizenship and cultural exchange— which goodness knows the world needs now more than ever.

While some politicians speak of building walls, we promote cultural immersion and international understanding via three key initiatives. First, by providing needed financial scholarships for deserving college and high school students to attend the Tufts University European Center in Talloires, France. Second, through our support of Les Amis du Prieuré, which hosts a summer lecture and concert series in Talloires and offers exchange scholarships for French high school students from the Haute-Savoie region to study English as a second language in the U.S.  And finally, by sponsoring the MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship which rewards and recognizes student community voluntarism from over 300 universities around the world in the the Talloires Network.

And finally, we provide scholarships for deserving international graduate students to attend Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy as MacJannet Fellows.

Today the Foundation continues to sustain our core programs, update our website (www.macjannet.org), strengthen our constituent net- works, incubate new programs and develop our board of directors.  This has been a year of transition for the Foundation: Our longtime and beloved secretary, George Halsey, has passed the torch of that critical operational position to Paul Tringale. We are deeply appreciative to both of them for their past and future support.

I invite you to join our efforts by donating to our cause, subscribing to our mailing list, joining us on Linked In or Facebook, volunteering for one of our projects, or inquiring about joining our board.

What’s in it for you? First, we offer an opportunity to broaden your personal horizons. Second, it’s a chance to play a part in making the world a better place for the next generation. Third, our annual board meeting provides an excuse to spend time and revisit Lake Annecy, which Donald MacJannet astutely perceived more than 90 years ago is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Todd Langton, President, MacJannet Foundation (info@macjannet.org)