MacJannet Scholars recall Tufts in Talloires, summer 2016

Editor’s note: Tufts in Talloires is six-week summer program that offers academic courses to Tufts undergraduates—87 last summer—at the Tufts European Center while simultaneously housing them with host French families living in and around Annecy. The program’s 37 MacJannet Scholars—so named because the MacJannet Foundation subsidizes their fees—reflected on the experience in the letters to the Foundation, which are excerpted below. —D.R.

Out of this world

I absolutely loved my host family, which also prepared me for having a host family for my semester abroad. I even get the unique opportunity to compare France to Chile, which I am now, and connect my observations. The mountains, flowers, wine, cheese, bread, beaches and especially the lake were out of this world. Au revoir, France.

—Alberto Rivera, Tufts ’18


Challenging but unforgettable

I had many memorable moments, both good and bad, that made my six weeks in Talloires a challenging but unforgettable experience. I loved finally being able to dive into the lake, even in the cold of the night, after the rain cleared up. Messing around at the slack line festival was awesome, and I felt like I was really part of the local community. I felt independent and excited while exploring the local markets and buying fresh fruits and vegetables in French, and I loved playing with the small kittens in my host family’s house. I was thankful to have the help of the Tufts staff while navigating the French health care system during my visit to the doctor-mayor. Sometimes I found myself sitting at a restaurant, not exactly sure what I had ordered. But by the end of the six-week program, I realized that I had settled into a way of life within this new culture.

—Annie Bricker, Tufts ’19



The two courses I took—”Flowers of the Alps”—and “Dance, Movement, and the Creative Process”—were amazing by my standards (I have pretty average standards). For this I must thank the area surrounding Lake Annecy, for all of its beautiful flowers and spacious, alluring scenery. I honestly could not have taken those two class anywhere without getting a different—and not so amazing—experience.

—Herman Gallegos, Tufts ’19